GigaTribe 3 RC3 available

We just released GigaTribe 3 RC3 (build 3.14).

– no more connection issues
– search improvements
– copy & paste on the blog should work properly
– invitations improvements
– small GUI refinements

GigaTribe 3 RC3 (build 3.14) to download here.

What is your opinion about GigaTribe 3 RC3?
Please, send your feedbacks!

NB: This update is compulsory for every beta-tester. We need users’ feedbacks, that’s why we force this update to Gigatribe RC3.
Our last stable version, GigaTribe 2.52,  is still available here.

2 thoughts on “GigaTribe 3 RC3 available

  1. You seem to be getting pretty close to including all the original features of gigatribe which is awesome!

    Two features I would love to see come from DC++:
    -Hashes of files, should shave tremendous time of the “reading shared folders”.
    -Do not download files already in share. I guess this one can be done pretty easily when you have the hash of files as previously mentioned. Just compare the hash of the file to the list of hashes.


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