Known problems with GigaTribe RC2

Here are the major issues we are working on:

– Connection issues – to fix the problem, simply terminate GigaTribe’s process on your task manager (Ctrl + Alt + Suppr) and restart GigaTribe

–  The search feature only retrieves files from folders you’ve already visited(…).

– Image thumbnail may not appear.

– The ‘Send now’ button is not working yet

Except those few bugs, your feedbacks are positives. We are close to the final version!

10 thoughts on “Known problems with GigaTribe RC2

  1. Hello! I like Gigatribe. But the old version had a much better search feature. It was quicker finding my files than windows! But this new search is terrible. Please put it back the way it was. Thanks!


  2. Since getting the 3.12 RC2 i have yet to find any bugs and i love all the new features. I especially love the ability to add a photo to each folder and sub-folder. I also love the personal blog and personal profile features. Good job mike……hope to see the final release soon

  3. You override the way windows handles app windows. When I maximize the application, it covers the sidebar and other applications that I have “always on top”.

    I like all the new features, but believe me this is annoying enough for me to never consider upgrading. I am very picky about how my desktop appears, and I don’t like apps that do what they want.

  4. I still cannot download folders with files in them. I have to open the folder and just download the files – is this something that is going to be fixed? Its a big pain. I just downloaded the latest release and installed it. v316


  5. I am getting the error message ‘You are not available and can not use EasyConnect’

    Would some be able to shade some light on this problem please.

    The current version that i am using is 3.00.021

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