GigaTribe 3 Release Candidate is Available!

GigaTribe 3 Release Candidate available

As part of the release process, tonight we’ve released GigaTribe 3 Release Candidate, a preview/testing package which, hopefully, is quite close to what will constitute the final GigaTribe 3 release. GigaTribe 3 Release Candidate is a public preview release intended for testing and community feedback.

New features and changes in this milestone:
– Many many bugs fixed
– Better stability and performance
– v2 preferences and downloads are back

Note for beta-testers: Your folders will all appears as new when upgrading to this version (blue text).

You can get a copy of GigaTribe 3 RC from our downloads page.

20 thoughts on “GigaTribe 3 Release Candidate is Available!

  1. Looks and feels a lot better than previous versions. But still so many things that can be better.

    1. Why is it no longer possible to open files from the Transfer-window? It is not even possible to view the full path to the files being uploaded.
    2. When viewing someones share and switching between users, you always come back to their root-folder. Why? (Same for “My Shared Folders”-view)
    3. When I get a global message from a user, I want to be able to click their nick in the message window to enable a private reply. (highlight with options?)
    4. …

    I’ll keep commenting when I think of something else.

  2. 4. When will it be possible to match files in other shares against your own, so you know when you have the file in your share already or not? Since hashes are used this should not be a problem to fix?

  3. 5. When I right-click on a file in the Transfer-window, it for some reason jumps down to the bottom of the list. Why?

  4. Point 5 seems to happen when you use sorting by progress even though all the files are on 0 progress.

    • @Ultimate User

      Thanks a lot! we really appreciate your feedback.
      On monday, I will sum-up all feedbacks from the english and french blog readers. Do not hesitate to post any problems of GigaTribe 3 RC.

  5. 6. It seems to take a lot longer to start. 2.52 was much quicker.
    (My share is almost 1 000 000 files)
    7. So far it has crashed 2-3 times every day without giving me the chance to analyze why. i.e. I can’t see if there was a big qeueue or many transfers, since I can’t bring the window up. Stability used to be a big deal with versions before 2.44 or so, but now it seems very unstable again in 3.x. This is my experience from all previous beta up to RC1 and including RC1.

  6. My point 2 extends a little to even a more annoying thing.
    When watching someones share and chatting with the person at the same time, switching from the Chat-tab and Folders-tab makes the folders reset to root all the time.
    This way it’s almost impossible to chat over a file in someones share and look at it at the same time.

  7. 8. The search is broken.
    Some searches come up with results and some don’t, even though I can be staring at a folder with the name I just searched and search says 0 element.

  8. 9. When browsing a folder there is no button or link to go up/back a step.
    So when you enter a folder you have to either press backspace or switch users to reset folderview.
    In 2.x this was done by a foldertree I think, but there is no such thing in 3.x. So what is the easy way to browse up and down folders? Unless I want to use my keyboard all the time.

  9. 9.2 Also when using backspace to jump back a step, if you entered a folder you can’t see which one it was. In 2.x when browsing back a step, the folder you were just in is highlighted, so you could easily know where you were.

  10. For a release candidate I feel there are a lot of BASIC things here not working? Adding new features or replacing old ones since 2.x would be logical, but remove features completely?

  11. The only problem I have with this is that this version, those who have the ultimate version can’t download as fast as they want from those that are using the free version and vice versa.

  12. My friend and i both got the new rc version and notice that our upload and download speeds are slow….very slow, like 10k

  13. Why do free users have all the same options as a premium user in this rc1 software…….quite unfair i think!

  14. Also no option to direct or easy connect,it just connects and takes forever to read folders and files.

    Going back to 2.52

  15. It takes hours.. yeah hours to load when you have a lot of files.
    While Emule does that in a few minutes.

    And when its finaly loaded it will crash after a while… so you have to wait all over again…

  16. I just downloaded and installed the newest version of Giga. Where is the Search button for searching all your contacts files for a specific file?? I think I’ll go back to the previous version. I think the only thing I like about the new one is the fonts and smiley faces!!!

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