1 thought on “GigaTribe beta 3.10

  1. I really like it. I use Windows XP and it’s an improvement over V 2.xx.

    There are English misspelled words like “connexion” which should be connection.

    Also, there needs to be a feature that allows a user to edit their blog post after they’ve posted it. Additionally, I posted a blog with a smiley face at the end of my blog but all that showed up was a little square.

    Also, when I click to maximize the screen, it doesn’t completely maximize.

    The ultimate feature for me would be to be able to view the preview thumbnail of videos. If I have the proper video codecs and shmedia.dll registered then I should be able to utilize preview thumbnail, if I don’t have the codec then I don’t preview the video. That would be a massive improvement to Gigatribe.

    Still alot of GUI stuff to work on. All the bug(s) seem to be GUI or spelling related. Please continue to push forward on the new Gigatribe.

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