Video streaming with GigaTribe!

Starting now, you can enjoy your movies from anywhere, at anytime.

DivX was a missing feature to stream videos; today it  is implemented in the private area and accessible from any web browsers. Thanks to DivX webplayer, GigaTribe users can play instantaneously their movies, with no delay and no need to download complete files.

Now, Remote Access supports all major multimedia formats (divx, avi, mpeg, wmv, asf, jpeg, gif, mp3…) to offer streaming directly from your GigaTribe.

3 thoughts on “Video streaming with GigaTribe!

  1. When will V3 be released for windows users? It was 5 months ago at least we were told it was going to come out.

    If you want customers you need to give us a better product than V2

  2. i missed a point. wuill be V3 compatible with V2? That’s mean, can i downloadupload fromto users wich use version 2 or the 2 versions use 2 different protocols?

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