How people share videos

Recent studies show that one-half of internet users shared videos through e-mail to friends and family. 23% sent videos through social networks, 21% via instant messengers, and 14% on video-sharing sites such as YouTube and Hulu.


It appears that people need to share their own private videos mainly among their friends circle, close friends and family. Here at GigaTribe, we think that they do not use the good tool to share.

Video-sharing sites = Low quality, no privacy

Instant Messengers = so slow!

Emails = size limited

Don’t miss the trend, be on the trend! Use the good tool, use GigaTribe!

1 thought on “How people share videos

  1. Well, I’d love to use Gigatribe… but as long as it’s not available on Ubuntu, I have to use other systems. I really hope you guys are gonna make this great tool available on Linux. Thanks for your work.

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