Hello there!

I’ve been instructed to introduce myself, so here I am… My name is Arnaud. I’m a new blogger here and I’m very excited to be blogging for what I think to be the better private sharing software, GigaTribe.

I just finished my studies, with a background in management. My expertise lies in the user-end of technology; but I always have been passionate by computers and more exactly software. For 6 months, I’ll be working here, at GigaTribe, to participate to the company sales development.

I’m looking forward to drop some (hopefully) useful info on GigaTribe blog about all-things Private sharing and of course about GigaTribe v3 development.

So hello, and be kind, folks – I’m new to this whole professional blogging thing. Keep an eye on the blog, I’m looking forward to read your comments.

2 thoughts on “Hello there!

  1. hello future blogger i dont see many blogging comments and where is the update for the current beta verison that was supposed to be done in the first week of june per the last blog comment i think you need to keep up with updates better in blogging hope it works for ya

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