Beta version 3.08 released

We just released beta version 3.08 for Windows.
All the V3 features are now available. We still have a few bugs to fix, the interface will improve as well but we’re very close to the final V3.
Please leave a comment here to let us know what you think about it.

GigaTribe team

27 thoughts on “Beta version 3.08 released

  1. I love the new version. I can’t wait for the final release.

    I personally haven’t experienced any problems with it yet. The interface is great.

    1 thing that slighly annoys me is the ultimate icon on the right hand side and the ad at the bottom of the screen. I’m a premium user so it should be removed because premium is the same as ultimate really.

  2. After using it for a bit I’m really happy where the company is going with this product. I love the design. Maybe down the road add some bells/whistles to chat and whatnot but for general release, I’d say it’s extremely close.

  3. Screw the MAC version.
    Focus on releasing the final version for PC owners.

    Now OUR fault that people wanna get MACS and complain about how no software works for it.

  4. for mac owners… just download a virtualization program like parallels or any of the various other offerings so you can run pc software from the mac…

    problem solved

  5. Is anyone else having a problem with 3.08 remaining connected. I have a second computer that I run 2.52 on and it remains connected. This has been a problem for me with all versions of 3.0. I have tried it on XP and Vista same problem. Just wondering if it is just me.

  6. just wondering on the verison 3.08 if all features are up and running how do i make the folder when browsing show the jpeg images as a picture when viewing the folder that i looking at thanks so much todd

  7. Michael, stop whit your comments against Mac users. I have a pc but I use Linux, do you think I must BUY Windows because you have it ?
    We’re waiting for other OS versions, imagine that we just have the linux version and you must wait for your windows version……

    For GigaTeam : continue your great work 🙂

  8. Awe, so my comments make you mad? In my country and society majority rules. Majority has PCs so MAC users and Linux users get leftovers.

  9. AHAHAHA !
    … let me laugh Michael.
    “In my country and society”? You live in China and you are for the capital punishment, right?

    Open your mind or go home !!

    Absolutely Ultimatemax: Keep up the good work giga team, but please do something for us 😉

  10. I live in China??? wtf. No in China they don’t give the majority power. Majority of people are PC owners..not mac users.

  11. FIX THE MEMORY HOLE! Gigatribe is eating ram memory until 1,5gb then it crashes..

    And make it multitreaded and 64 bit..
    And if you have a terrabyte of files it take a day to load gigatribe (NO JOKE) while emule a minute..

  12. help… I just downloaded v3.08 and I can no longer get connected. gigaTribe puts up a message “you are not available from outside and cannot use EasyConnect” what does this mean?

    Thank you Linda

  13. @ Michael

    That “PC” of yours means Personal Computer, so if you are not a moron, then you can install different operating systems on your Personal Computer. Many people do so. Hundreds of Linux distributions, BSD family systems, Solaris, Haiku, SkyOS, Syllable etc., can be installed (even all at once on different partitions if needed) to use different aspects of computing and software that is not available on other OS’s.
    Are you retarded or something, bashing people who ask about OSX version only, cause some people prefer to keep their computing experience save from computer viruses, bugs, botnets, spyware etc. so they use save and well designed operating systems? Other prefer in this time to spend money on antivirus software and to be cleaning bloat that make their computer slow, or just use pirated software cause they can’t afford to run their computer legally or are ignorants who do not know, that could be using 100% legal, save, virus/spyware free OS’s full of great software like BSD, Linux etc..
    Only dumb may want to stop people asking for the software version for the operating system they use.

  14. MAC… C’mon guys, you know the perils of owning a Mac… they look pretty, they really do. They’re fast too. That’s coz they are used by a lot of people who need them for graphics-intensive operations. But guys, software isn’t written for the MAC OS straight off because you’re just a piffling little dot and the rest of us want PC compatibility and, refinement. So do us all a favour and cease the whining, get a PC or STFU.

    have a nice day.

  15. A Mac keeping you safe from computer viruses, bugs, botnets, spyware etc.? Get a grip! The only reason Mac’s aren’t overrun with viruses exploiting their OS loopholes is because they are such a minority nobody bothers with them. If you knew anything about computers you would know that. People stating Mac’s are safe and secure etc are naive and know nothing about computer security. Get your facts right or go home!

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