PC Beta Version 3.06 released

A new beta has been released to fix a bug which was causing GigaTribe 3.05 to crash just after the connection if one of the following condition was fullfilled:
– You had no user in your network,
– You had a pending invitation.

This beta version 3.06 is available here : http://www.gigatribe.com/software/gigatribe_setup.exe

5 thoughts on “PC Beta Version 3.06 released

  1. The “Transfers” tab has moved: it’s available when you select “All users” in the contact list.

  2. i’ve never been able to get the thumbnail preview feature to work… am i doing something wrong or has that actually not been implemented at this point?

  3. For public chat select “All user” and then click on the “Chat” button.

    For private, select the recipient and then the “Chat button”.

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