Inviter tool soon available

GigaTribe is a friend-to-friend network: users only make direct connections with people they know.

To help you invite your friends, we’ll soon provide an inviting page within the private area, where you’ll have the opportunity to tell your friends about GigaTribe.

We’ll put additionnal providers in the future.


4 thoughts on “Inviter tool soon available

  1. I have no idea if gigatribe employees check the forums much, so I wasn’t sure if that was a place someone from gigatribe was likely to notice my comments. I’ve asked in the past where a good place to provide “suggestions” might be regarding the upcoming giga release, but no one ever responded to that.

    I’m happy to see that you guys *do* seem to have taken into consideration the feedback from users in redesigning the giga interface but I wanted to add a suggestion that I think people would *absolutely* love (and should be pretty easy for you guys to implement).

    The multisource feature of giga is one of it’s best features (and the only way something like that can work is obviously through file hashes). What’s great about file hashes is that they find identical files regardless of garbled filenames. That said, if you guys implemented a right click option where someone could “search” for a file by filehash (you could call it “find identical files) or whatever you wanted. That would be incredible.

    I see this being useful for almost everyone.

    Uploading and downloading photos, music, etc to and from the internet (and sometimes just renaming things on your *own* computer) tends to lead to havig the same files under many different filenames (and many times it’s “garbled” stuff like aXDiefJGIs.jpg). If you could search your users files (and even your own files) for a particular image, song, movie, etc by “filehash” it would make it very easy to find the folder where the rest of a particular set of images are. Let’s say a friend uploaded the pictures from a party, but you only have one of the pictures you downloaded from facebook. Well, if you could do a search by filehash you could easily find the folder where the rest of them are. Or if there was an mp3 you really liked but you didn’t know what the song was called because the file is called 1.mp3. You could do a search by hash and find alternate filenames for that file and figure it out easily.

    Hopefully you guys consider implementing a feature like this. Since you already have the “filehash” searching feature in place to allow multisource downloads, I think it should honestly be as simple as adding a right click option. It should be pretty trivial to implement and think it would be a huge selling point that you could add to the advanced “feature” list.



  2. Excellente idee de pouvoir inviter des amies qui sont sur d’autres plateformes
    Je trouve cette idee tres interessantes et tres utile
    Felicitations 🙂

  3. I think filehashes are already there, but sort of invisible. If you share or download a file that is identical to a file someone else has, you might notice that several sources are added to it without you choosing it to do so.
    * The only source that isn’t added/checked is your own local source, which would be a great addition.

    When in someones share, a special color on the items I have in my own share would be a nice way of saying that these files are identical to a file I already have.

  4. hey “the1stone” … yes, I realize that giga already does checking for filehashes (as this is how the “multisource” feature works).

    My point is that I believe the fact that giga *does* calculate filehashes for all your files is seriously under utilized. As you mentioned, it would be possible to have an “ignore files i already have” option, or to at least mark them with some sort of border or icon. Also, as I mentioned in my own post, being able to right click on a file you have and say “search for identical files” would also be very cool way to leverage the power of having filehashes for your various files.

    While I’m posting, would you guys at gigatribe ever consider having a section on the site where people could submit “feature requests”.

    I think having such a section would be a great way for you folks at gigatribe to get ideas that you yourselves might not come up with otherwise, and will also allow you to gauge what features you current & potential customers are most interested in 🙂

    The problem with sending feature requests via email is that you open yourself up to wasting alot of time on redundant emails, and for many, when no one from the staff ever responds, it feels like talking into a black void.

    Anyway, I hope giga3 is coming along… looking forward to a more stable release

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