Beta Mac Version being tested

We’re still focused on the Windows version but one of our coder is a Mac addict.

Every night he works on the Mac version to be able to exchange files with friends. He can’t share his own files yet but he can already download from Windows users. Here are some screenshots he made recently.


 “I had tried Msn to exchange files with Windows friends but it turned to be a nightmare. I’m glad I can use GigaTribe now, I can’t wait to finish the upload feature.”

The Beta Mac version is not available yet, We’ll keep you posted!

13 thoughts on “Beta Mac Version being tested

  1. Great news !! Glad to see that things are moving.
    If you’re looking for Beta tester or will look for beta tester in a near future, i’ll be happy to help gigatribes’ team.

    Feel free to contact me if i can help you to beta test the mac version.

    iMac 2,8Ghz, OSX 10.5.6


  2. Thank you for this little article, I am sure i can speak for all of us mac users when i say: This gives us soo much hope.

  3. Great, so windows users gotta wait for mac people to get a version too?

    Get a pc instead of always complaining that people don’t release versions for a mac.

  4. @majax79: I use a PC running GNU/Linux.
    The “PC” doesn’t mean Microsoft, it’s Personnal Computer 😉

    You, Windows user, can already use the third version of Gigatribe, what is the point of your bill ?

    Mac OS & Linux’es box do whatever whe wan’t them to do, despite avaibility or not of new software.

    We simply hope that a future version less Microsoft oriented will become available sooner.

  5. majax79 said: “Great, so windows users gotta wait for mac people to get a version too?”

    hum, when you read the text you easily understand that a mac fan is developping the mac version beside the windows one not instead of the windows one.

    I don’t know why you need to be agressive with mac user, isn’t it normal that some people would love to see a great piece of product for their operating system.

    Don’t be selfish, there’s a place for everyone here. Moreover, windows user already have a working version to wait. Oh, and mac user won’t switch back to PC just for a software even if it’s one of the coolest ever seen 😉

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