12 thoughts on “Beta version3 update

  1. super la version3 beta
    un design très innovant
    un tchat super
    en bref une vrai révolution
    il ne reste plus qu’a avoir la version final en français

  2. thanks for the update… that said, is there somewhere “official” where we can/should be sending feedback and/or suggestions for improvements.

    As a for instance, something that has always driven me nuts about gigatribe (although I *do* really love the program 🙂 and I had hoped might be addressed in a future release is that everything gets thrown into one giant jumbled “download folder”. If you have two users that use a pretty generic folder name (say “my pictures” or something like that) and they use the same camera model to take pictures so that the titles of the pictures potentially overlap, it’s can be a real pain. Pictures either get overridden, the folders get “mixed” together (which you don’t always want), and it just gets messy and bloated.

    If it would be at all possible to be able to have the *option* to save folders in different subfolders for every user, that would be tremendously helpful.

    Anyway, just a suggest (if there is anywhere where we can post/discuss these things that the developers, or whoever makes these kinds of decisions) actually reads them, please let me know 🙂

    Thanks for a great product, keep up the good work

  3. Yep, an OSX version would really be appreciated as we don’t even have a 2,x version to use… i used to use Gigatribe for several years but now i swtiched on Mac, i miss this software.

    Keep up the good job

  4. I hope OSX beta will be out soon. Now that i’m on OSX i miss this great piece of sofware.

    Anyway, thanks for the great job !

  5. bonjours,
    es ce que il vas avoir des changement avec le chat (le fait qu’on ne sais jamais si il y a quel qu’un qui nous ecrit un message (pas de son et rien qui clinotte)). merci zwerg

  6. The chat interface is not finished yet. As Zwerg reported, there is no warning yet for incoming messages. This will be fixed in the final version.

  7. L’interface est nettement plus agréable. Quelques smileys supplémentaires seraient sympas.

    1 ) Je n’ai pas trouvé comment sélectionner plusieurs personnes (pas toutes) pour tchatter.
    2 ) Une invitation émise n’est jamais arrivée, et la personne ne peut pas m’inviter (réponse : vous devez répondre à l’invitation… qui n’est jamais arrivée). La personne est en 2.50.

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