About Mac version

We’ve been announcing GigaTribe Mac version for a long time now. The good news is, yes, there will be a Mac version. Version 3, released for CES in January, has been developed using a cross-platform application framework. It means once the application is running, we’ll be able to deploy it across many desktop and embedded operating systems without rewriting the source code. In practice, we’ll deploy the Windows version first and a Mac beta version will soon follow. The official Mac version will probably take a few extra months, as we need to make sure the Mac beta testers are sending positive feedback.

To apply for the Mac beta version, just send an email to contact@gigatribe.com with “Mac Beta version” in the object field.

31 thoughts on “About Mac version

  1. I sent two e-mails so far and I still have not received the beta-version. Also, what is an object field? That is a bit vague; how about saying putting it the Subject field or the Message field would be nice.

  2. Linux beta version will come after the Mac version. We have a Mac developper in house but the don’t have a Linux expert yet.

  3. To Oober
    The beta version is not ready yet. As soon as it will be we’ll contact all thoose whose emailed us (no need to email twice;-).

  4. A beta version of gigatribe for mac would be much appreciated. I’d really want to test this softwarre

  5. We have stopped believing you about the Mac version…. we are convinced it will NEVER happen . The promises have been years in the making. In our shoes, what would you think?

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